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Spring Tune Up

  • 25 Mar 2023
  • 9:30 AM
  • Jasper, GA


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Spring Tune-Up

Saturday March 25

Tuning your car for the driving season and general Q&A

We will start about 9:30 a.m. with a light breakfast of coffee, juice and donuts (maybe a few sausage biscuits). Then we will go over tuning your car that will include work on your distributor, valve adjusting, setting timing, carb adjusting, etc. After we are done playing, about 12:00 noon, we will have burgers, dogs and the fixings. Then you go home.

What to bring:

Tools - such as torque wrench, various open and box end wrenches, screw drivers, timing light if you have one and anything you think you may need. If in doubt, contact me ahead of the tech session and I will recommend what you need. 

Parts - valve cover gasket (no Lotus 907 or Stag engines), points, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc. If you do not have the parts, I will place one order from Moss and order what you need and let you have it at my cost. Contact me at least three or four weeks before the session to discuss what you may need. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I look forward to seeing y’all,


Saturday, March 259:30 a.m.

British Car Service, Barry Rosenberg 

568 Bent Tree Drive
Jasper, GA 30143


Ph: 770 689 7573

PS1: The Peachtree MG club would appreciate it if you would bring a $5 or $10 donation to our charity. It is not required for your attendance but would be nice.

PS2: Please remember to RSVP

Please contact Reinout Vogt at 847 342 9804 or reinoutvogt@gmail.com for any questions about the day.


If you do not have GPS; thru town, Take 515 north to Jasper. Turn right on Highway 53 (Church Street). There is an Ingles on your right at the intersection. Follow 53 until you cross Main Street and go thru that light to the next light where there is a Walgreens. Get into the left turn lane and turn left off of 53 at the Walgreens. This is Burnt Mountain. Cross the tracks and turn right at the 3 way stop by the Shell station. This is Cove Road. Follow Cove about 6 miles to Bent Tree Drive on your left. Just before Bent Tree Dr. Is a fire station on the right. There is a sign on the left at Bent Tree. Go down Bent Tree until you see a white church on your right. The brown shop and house past the church is me. If you pass the lake, you went too far.

There is a more scenic route if you do not mind twisty roads, use GPS for that route.

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