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'69 MGB "Roller" - $1,200 for all

This is the complete body shell, including steering, suspension, wire wheels and brakes. This was previously a restored car that suffered a cockpit fire. It was then stripped of most parts for another project.  I purchased it like this from a guy in Pensacola.

Included are the doors, the trunk-lid and an aluminum hood that I sourced previously, along with one extra right-side door and a spare trunk-lid. No wings. There are some miscellaneous extra parts such as new gas tank with sending unit, the transmission support, master cylinder, heater, radiator support, possibly all the original metal hydraulic lines, cooked steering wheel, luggage rack, front valance that is in decent/poor condition, and other misc small bits. Tires hold air, but that's about it.  Wires need to be restored. 

The shell has zero rust, and is as solid as they come. There is a welded-in panel in the trunk floor and 6x9 speaker cutouts in the rear bulkhead, but other than that it is fairly perfect. How much does a complete shell from BMH cost these days?

I accumulated all of this stuff for my own project over five years ago to restore a 71 roadster that I had, but I found my 67 GT about a year later and turned all of my attention to it. The 69 shell has sat in a garage since. I've since sold the 71 and now it is time to find a builder that needs a solid shell for their own project, and at a small fraction of the cost of the BMH equivalent.

$1200 for everything.  Fire-sale pricing (ha ha).

I am in Lilburn.   I may consider selling parts individually.  $1200 for all is a bargain.

Mike Dennison 678-386-3570

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite - $16,000

   Better than good condition - It starts, runs, and drives well.  Bought in March of 1978 shortly after a nice restoration.  I drove it regularly for several years (Now just over 51,000 miles on the odometer) but in the last few years I have let it sit in the garage more than it deserves. 

     I think a new owner who loves classic British sports cars is what it needs.  The pictures here are a good representation of the Sprite but I have many more showing the engine, trunk, and various other views.

    The previous owner gave me a list of what she had done for the car and I have attached a picture of that record.  It was a comprehensive upgrade, including a ‘71 MG Midget front end with disc brakes.  See the attached picture from the Workshop Manual showing the numbers of the engine, chassis and body.  Over the years, I had it painted, put in new floors, did regular maintenance, and recently had the carburetors and mechanical fuel pump rebuilt, and a new battery installed.  I think the timing needs a little adjusting to smooth it out and the hydraulics need to be overhauled.

    The car has a little rust under the paint at the bottom rear of the bonnet on both sides and possibly a spot in the center of the bonnet.  I found one area of rust underneath near the right rear wheel.  Otherwise, the car is rust free as far as I can tell. 

    Included is a top, tonneau cover, side curtains, wind wings, a library and memorabilia, and lots of spare parts.  The books include two owner’s workshop manuals and several other repair and restoration guides + more.   The extra parts include carburetors, a transmission, rubber parts, two grills, and lots of other bits and pieces.

    I will be happy to share any additional information to anyone interested in the car.

    The car will be part of an estate sale scheduled for June 16, 17, and 18, 2022.  The estate sale is being conducted by DonnaDavisEstateSales.com and can also be viewed at EstateSales.net in Zip Code 30459.

John Cripe  (404) 909-0174   jpcripe@windstream.net

Jefferson, Georgia

Modified '76 MGB - Restored, Improved - $21,000 OBO

Details and more photos at: 


Located in Blairsville, GA

Call Terry:  706-400-2961

1959 MGA Twin Cam - $72,500

This '59 MGA Twin Cam Deluxe is an older restoration, but kept in superb condition by a very knowledgeable and highly devoted car guy.

This car features all the "Deluxe" MGA features as well, including the deluxe seats, deluxe "Works" steering wheel and factory "Works" aluminum hardtop, so you are getting one very special Twin Cam in a lovely and unique color combination.

The video below has six connected sections describing the car, the options, the provenance, tools, and personal touches.  In the video, you will see the added equipment that goes with the car, such as a very rare hardtop for the car, the side curtains that are in excellent condition and stored in protective bags, and an MGB 3.9 Differential that I had intended to put on the car to increase the top speed.  Please check out this video:


Price  $72,500

Nanette Sayles 478-955-9238.

1974 1/2 MGB-GT V8 Conversion Project - $9,500 OBO

This car has been a long-term project with great expectations but I was not able to complete.  A special car with every available option including tinted glass, air conditioning, rear window defogger, and wire wheels.  She is 99% rust free and no accidents. 

Her original color is Tundra Green, but my vision was Aston Martin Green like many are being painted in UK. Over the last 25 years, I have amassed a huge collection of proper and genuine V8 conversion parts from England and here in the states.  Car includes one complete Rover SDI engine and transmission assembly from my personal Rover sedan with 83K miles and a second Rover SDI engine complete with 33K miles.  I had just rebuilt the LT77 5 speed trans. Both engines ran great when removed. 

Three (3) MGC rear axle assemblies (inspected to be nice in condition) ranging from 3.07, 3.31 to 3.73 axle ratios are also included.  A new balanced drive shaft from England to mate perfectly between the LT 77 transmission and the MGC rear axle assemblies. New factory radiator, new stainless steel block hugger headers from Mike the Pipe in the UK.  All ancillary components regarding engine mounts, transmission mounts, hydraulic slave cylinder and stainless braided clutch hose.  Also, a bonus set of almost new AC Cobra center-laced 70 spoke wire wheels (15 inch) with excellent tires.  I ran these wheels on the car before I pulled the 4 cylinder engine to make sure they fit properly.  Many more features like a brand new genuine limited edition front spoiler, new water pumps, solid brass triple ear knock offs, new brake clutch and slave master cylinders, brake hoses, and my own personal touch a set of new Hooker side pipes with stainless tubes and brand-new mufflers, etc.  Genuine MGB-GT V8s in the UK are rather expensive.  Imagine owning a left-hand drive factory AC (years 73 and 74) for a fraction of the price to bring one in.  (I am including two pictures of two other MGB-V8 conversions that I built and installed the side pipes.)  They are very nice to listen to motoring down the highway. Lastly, I'm including an almost new set of late model MGB seats in genuine black leather. This is a package deal and I will not split up any parts. This is a once in a lifetime deal. You get the best of the best to make as close to genuine BGT V8 with some cool personal touches as there can be.  Remember, this is a non-running project to go into the hands of a skilled British car technician for building, restoration and painting. The Cobra wire wheels and triple eared brass knock off spinners are a real gas and help to transform the stance. (Car is pictured with 72 spoke 15" bead laced wheels. The Cobra wheels are in storage)  Asking $9.500.  Tally up the bits. Yeah an incredible opportunity. Contact Nanette Sayles 478-955-9238.

1967 MGB-GT - $7,500

Here is another great project MGB that I brought over from California about eight years ago.  She is 100 percent rust and collision free. I paid $3,500 for her, paid $2,000 for enclosed Passport transport from Los Angeles to ensure damage free delivery, $160 for a new gas tank, $195 for a new header dash rail, and $500 for a beautifully restored Les Leston 3 spoke walnut steering wheel with year correct horn push (exactly as car came with).  With this ad, I'm including a walk around video so that you can see the integrity of this very special survivor. Most MG enthusiasts own a couple of MGB roadsters before ever looking at the GTs, but when they cross over, they love their BGTs.  I have included a nice walk around video to show better detail:


Nanette Sayles 478-955-9238

1962 MGA Mk2 Coupe - $30k firm

When I found this Mk2, she was the needle in the haystack that I had been waiting for.  She's a 100%, body-on restoration, rust free California girl.  I actually had to wrestle if from the owner of Classic Showcase in San Diego. I had found it first, but since he was closer, he bought it first. A year went by and they had done about 1/2 of one of their show quality restorations and they are very expensive. They had done the complete interior, reconditioned the instruments and heater components, detailed and repainted the engine bay, front and rear suspension with negative camber front control arms, rebuilt the engine with a fast road camshaft, a new clutch assembly and hydraulics, brake hoses, front calipers, pressure cleaned the chassis and gas tank while out of the car, completely repainted all chassis components, new front and rear springs, a new fuel pump, polished stainless steel exhaust system, and rear window seal replacement. 

There is more I'm sure. I was able to step in and buy the car needing some body, paint and chrome repairs. They rebuilt the master cylinder, but it leaked some and I replaced it with a brand new unit from Scarborough Faire (a must do on all of my cars for safety).  I also replaced the rear wheel cylinders and brake shoes with brand new components.

There were light dings and dents left to repair and blending in the paint which is pretty much impossible, but I did my best under the circumstances with the car already having been painted one time 30 years or so ago with some sectioned in areas... which I spent about a year addressing. I wanted the car as a nice driver, so I chose not to strip down the body's paint, remove the fenders and such for just making the car straight as possible and being overall presentable to look at especially after replacing all the chrome, adding new 60 spoke 15 inch new chrome wire wheels, new front windscreen rubber seal and chrome finisher and new bumper bars and hardware. Plus, new threshold plates and lower body finisher strips. Lots of bling to help make the car pop overall. 

According to the MG dot org UK website, production numbers chart, there were only 18 left hand drive MK2 coupes manufactured.  Now try to find one without a luggage rack (holes in the boot lid) and without an outside mirror stuck way up by the headlight on the top of the fender.

$30k firm (less than I have invested).  I'm including a nice walk around video to help show more details:


Nanette Sayles 478-955-9238

1979 MGB-V8 (Chris Gore's Original) - SOLD!!

1974 MGB For Sale - $2,200 OBO

The 1974 (Faded Red - shown to the right) is a chrome bumper Florida car that basically needs a tune up and hydraulics. 

Ric Cline has this car at his shop in Shady Dale, GA (50 miles East of Atlanta) and can put it in running driving order for a new owner.  An estimate for the tune up and hydraulics is $500 to $1000 +/-.

This classic needs a new loving home and I will work with any interested buyer in getting them in your garage.

 I am asking $2,200 OBO.  Please contact me for details. 

John Cork 404-202-4565  cork9663@aol.com                     or Ric Cline 770-778-0843.

1969 MGB + Trailer - $2,500

This is a 1969 MGB that we bought running.  Since then, I have borrowed the radiator and fuel pump from her for our '65 MGB.  Here’s a list of what’s been done for this car:

  • We put in a new boot pan and new floor pans. 
  • Replaced rear brake components and put in new front calipers. 
  • I have a new hydraulic kit for the master cylinder and clutch slave. 
  • I also have a new fuel tank with sender. 
  • I have a number of miscellaneous parts for her as well. 

The car has a 1977 engine with dual carbs and the standard 4 synchro tranny from the 1977.  She also has 5 good wire wheels, the scissor folding top frame, two good seat frames, and decent bumpers with no bends or bumps. 

She has some rust areas behind the front wheel wells.  Our welder said that he could scab solid metal over top or could replace those sections with the replacement parts that are available through Rimmer Brothers.  We decided to leave it for now as we are selling her. 

As part of the deal, I am including a 24ft, dual axle trailer with electric brakes.  We are about 11 miles off I-75 in Rossville, Ga.  I would like to get $2,250 for everything.

Robert Williams  ncsailor62@gmail.com

For Sale - 1970 MGB - $12,000 OBO

Highly sought after “Split Rear Bumper” 1970 model.

Owned the car for 5 years and the odometer shows 18,000 miles, but actual mileage is not confirmed.

  • Runs and drives fine
  • Carbs gone thru
  • Fuel pump changed
  • Seats recovered – The original passenger headrest is available.

Note damage on passenger side door.

  Call or text Phil Glover  770-289-8573         

For Sale - 1953 MG-TD - $32,500 OBO

This car has been in the family almost 50 years.  A California car, it was my father-in-laws; he lived in CA and passed away.  Complete and professional frame-off restoration about 12 years ago…2,600 miles since restoration.  We have used strictly non-ethanol fuel.

We moved to FL about 2-3 months ago.  Car is in Jacksonville, FL, but still registered in California.  I’m transferring registration to Florida.  When the car arrived, it went directly to David at the English Garage to be inspected and any necessary work completed.  All systems were inspected, repaired, and adjusted, as needed.  

English Garage put in a new clutch friction plate, new starter, new battery, new ignition switch, rebuilt the carburetors, and installed a new choke cable, as well as some other minor work.  I drove it home last week after they completed the work and it runs great.  We have insured the car here and am completing the switchover of the licensing to Florida so it can be driven as soon as it is registered here.

This is a beautiful automobile that won “Best British Car” in Fallbrook, CA car show.  

See the available pictures, then schedule a time to see and drive the car to judge for yourself.   $32,500  

Only serious buyers/collectors please.  Call Jeff @ 952-237-7856

For Sale - 1972 MGB - $6,500 OBO

I am selling this 1972 MGB for a friend whose husband bought it for $8,500, put about $5,000 into it, and later died.  Then it sat in the garage for a while. 

Asking half of what he put into the car, or about $6,500Located on River Dr. in Lilburn.

Keith 678-770-2310

For Sale - 1952 MG-TD - $19,500 OBO

1250 cc, 4-cylinder, 4 speed manual transmission

- Left hand drive

- 15” wheels 

- Red with black interior 

- Kept in our garage

- Includes workshop manual

Runs well - 
All services have been performed by Neil’s Restoration since at least 2010.  Have service Records.

Judy Scheve  770-953-3444

1975 MGB - $6,500 OBO

Early MGB Exhaust Manifold - $250

Completely sand blasted, then ceramic coated.  New studs.  Will significantly reduce heat, $250

In MOSS catalog, a brand new one that is not ceramic coated and does not include studs = $300.  Scarborough Faire, also not Ceramic coated and does not include the studs = $275

I'd be willing to discuss a possible trade for an MGA windshield or MGA framework for convertible top, or sell for $250.

Philip Preston   Cell# 404-630-1969

For Sale - Lucas "Flame Thrower" Driving Lights

These beautiful lamps are the famous 5.76-inch Lucas SLR576 driving or spot-lamps, sometimes known as "Flamethrowers." They are the lamps that won the Monte Carlo rally when used on Minis, provided elegant illumination on Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds and Jaguar XK 140 and 150, Mark I, Mark VIIM, VIII and IX, and dressed up the front of Austin-Healeys, Triumph TR2-3-4-5-250, MGA, MGB, Magnette, MG-TD and TF, and so many other British cars. They were sold as options on many of these cars, and thousands were sold as accessory lamps in the 1950s through 1970s.

They have LUCAS MADE IN ENGLAND and other inscriptions on the thick glass lenses and LUCAS SLR 576 MADE IN ENGLAND stamped on the backs. The bodies are mirror-polished chrome-plated brass, not the inferior steel version sold elsewhere. They are truly show quality.

Lanny LDM9654@gmail.com

For Sale - '76 MGB - $15,500

1959 MGA Roadster 1500 - $22,000 OBO

For Sale - 1960 MGA Roadster - $21,500 OBO

1951 MG-TD - $16,500

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