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For Sale - 1938 MG TA - $30,000 OBO


How many old MGs have:

  • Lived on three continents and in four US states?
  • Participated in synchronized swimming with 15 young girls in the Bahamas?
  • Paraded with DragonCon carrying a burlesque troupe?

Miranda has had an exciting life over the last 84 years and she is by no means done yet!  Like many older people she has had some replacement parts; like some seniors she carries many extras.

The replacement parts are:

  • MPJG engine became a 1466 cc TC XPEG engine
  • She boasts a Stage 1 Tune and alloy head
  • TC gearbox; two LS front brakes
  • Telescopic dampers all round
  • Lucas P700 double-dip headlights; two spare wheels

The extras include:

  • A second spare wheel and tire
  • Spare main leaf spring; complete spare spring
  • Extra coil; second fuel pump; fire extinguisher
  • On/off battery switch for theft prevention

Miranda has had only two owners since the 50s, with the current owner cherishing her since 1966.  She has always been garaged.  The mileage on her current engine is 68,000.  A British car mechanic and expert on classic cars, and living locally, has been looking after Miranda for the last 8 years as needed.   She is being sold only because her owner can no longer see well enough over the dashboard.

Her color is scarlet, with light tan upholstery and a yellow dashboard and radiator

Miranda will take visitors by appointment in Atlanta, GA 30324, with her owner, Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall                        404-578-4627  hhoskynsabrahall@gmail.com

1974 MGB GT - $4,000

I recently purchased this MG from a college friend -- his father is the original owner. The car has been sitting in a garage for 10 years. My plan was to restore it and sell one of my other 2 MG’s.  Between work and family, I will not have time for this project.

Here is what I know about the car:

  • Some surface rust but otherwise a solid car
  • Some body damage visible in the pictures
  • In an attempt to get it started, we replaced the distributer and starter
  • There was not enough compression to turn over
  • Everything is original, pollution control still intact
  • Has AC system
  • Transmission is not overdrive
  • No title, was last registered in GA a few years ago
  • Shows 85,538 miles

The car is currently located at Duluth International Auto, 2895 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.  Feel free to stop by and take a look.

Asking $4,000

Jay Levy jslevy@bellsouth.net 678-463-9561

1979 MGB - For Sale - $16,500

  • Maroon with gold side trim
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric overdrive
  • Engine and Stromberg rebuilt
  • New clutch and pp
  • New front end
  • New tires
  • New tan interior and trunk carpet

Call For Photos

  • New top
  • New battery
  • New paint
  • No rust
  • Headlight stone guards
  • Haynes manual

Call for pictures

Frank, 404 617 9910

1948 MG TC - $33,000 OBO

   Original matching numbers – Original Black/Red colors – Older Restoration – Looks great – Runs great – Drives great – Very original throughout – Includes spares, tools, parts, manuals & books on the marque

Reason for selling:  I’m 81.  It’s time.           Location:  Franklin, NC

Asking $33,000 OBO

Inquiries & Offers

Contact:   John Russell, 828-349-5222 or JR@NorthCarolinaMountains.com


1952 MG TD - $22,000

  • Frame off Restoration in 2010
  • Restoration paperwork, additional maintenance, trophies, books & original
  • steering wheel included.
  • 78,400 miles
  • Good running condition!
  • Serviced by Scott Bohannan, Chequered Flag Automotive

Dennis McHugh  404-545-5570

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite - $16,000

     Better than good condition - It starts, runs, and drives well.  Bought in March of 1978 shortly after a nice restoration.  I drove it regularly for several years (Now just over 51,000 miles on the odometer) but in the last few years I have let it sit in the garage more than it deserves. 

     I think a new owner who loves classic British sports cars is what it needs.  The pictures here are a good representation of the Sprite but I have many more showing the engine, trunk, and various other views.

    The previous owner gave me a list of what she had done for the car and I have attached a picture of that record.  It was a comprehensive upgrade, including a ‘71 MG Midget front end with disc brakes.  See the attached picture from the Workshop Manual showing the numbers of the engine, chassis and body.  Over the years, I had it painted, put in new floors, did regular maintenance, and recently had the carburetors and mechanical fuel pump rebuilt, and a new battery installed.  I think the timing needs a little adjusting to smooth it out and the hydraulics need to be overhauled.

    The car has a little rust under the paint at the bottom rear of the bonnet on both sides and possibly a spot in the center of the bonnet.  I found one area of rust underneath near the right rear wheel.  Otherwise, the car is rust free as far as I can tell. 

    Included is a top, tonneau cover, side curtains, wind wings, a library and memorabilia, and lots of spare parts.  The books include two owner’s workshop manuals and several other repair and restoration guides + more.   The extra parts include carburetors, a transmission, rubber parts, two grills, and lots of other bits and pieces.

    I will be happy to share any additional information to anyone interested in the car.

    John Cripe  (404) 909-0174   jpcripe@windstream.net  Jefferson, Georgia

1969 MGB + Trailer - $2,250

This is a 1969 MGB that we bought running.  Since then, I have borrowed the radiator and fuel pump from her for our '65 MGB.  Here’s a list of what’s been done for this car:

  • We put in a new boot pan and new floor pans. 
  • Replaced rear brake components and put in new front calipers. 
  • I have a new hydraulic kit for the master cylinder and clutch slave. 
  • I also have a new fuel tank with sender. 
  • I have a number of miscellaneous parts for her as well. 

The car has a 1977 engine with dual carbs and the standard 4 synchro tranny from the 1977.  She also has 5 good wire wheels, the scissor folding top frame, two good seat frames, and decent bumpers with no bends or bumps. 

She has some rust areas behind the front wheel wells.  Our welder said that he could scab solid metal over top or could replace those sections with the replacement parts that are available through Rimmer Brothers.  We decided to leave it for now as we are selling her. 

As part of the deal, I am including a 24ft, dual axle trailer with electric brakes.  We are about 11 miles off I-75 in Rossville, Ga.  I would like to get $2,250 for everything.

Robert Williams  ncsailor62@gmail.com

For Sale - 1953 MG-TD - $32,500 OBO

This car has been in the family almost 50 years.  A California car, it was my father-in-laws; he lived in CA and passed away.  Complete and professional frame-off restoration about 12 years ago…2,600 miles since restoration.  We have used strictly non-ethanol fuel.

We moved to FL about 2-3 months ago.  Car is in Jacksonville, FL, but still registered in California.  I’m transferring registration to Florida.  When the car arrived, it went directly to David at the English Garage to be inspected and any necessary work completed.  All systems were inspected, repaired, and adjusted, as needed.  

English Garage put in a new clutch friction plate, new starter, new battery, new ignition switch, rebuilt the carburetors, and installed a new choke cable, as well as some other minor work.  I drove it home last week after they completed the work and it runs great.  We have insured the car here and am completing the switchover of the licensing to Florida so it can be driven as soon as it is registered here.

This is a beautiful automobile that won “Best British Car” in Fallbrook, CA car show.  

See the available pictures, then schedule a time to see and drive the car to judge for yourself.   $32,500  

Only serious buyers/collectors please.  Call Jeff @ 952-237-7856

For Sale - 1972 MGB - $6,500 OBO

I am selling this 1972 MGB for a friend whose husband bought it for $8,500, put about $5,000 into it, and later died.  Then it sat in the garage for a while. 

Asking half of what he put into the car, or about $6,500Located on River Dr. in Lilburn.

Keith 678-770-2310

British Car Parts

For Sale


Like all IRS fearing Americans, we filed our tax returns on April 15.  Well, actually, we filed extensions.  But we did pay all of our estimated tax liability.  And as a result, we are broke.  Could there be a better time for a sale?

Enjoy 10% off all parts, books, and tools listed below from now until Saturday, May 20.  Get the parts you need and help us replenish our coffers - two good deeds at the same time, in our view.

Please PM for photos. All prices in US Dollars. All parts are located in, and sold FOB Tybee Island, GA 31328. Shipping from 31328 and packing extra.  We take PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, and personal checks (but will wait to ship on a personal check until the check clears).

Thank you for looking at our post!

Stannis Automotive LLC, 904 2nd Avenue, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328      912.266.9190


MGB Parts:


1. Early MGB tail lights with frames: 60 a side

2. Early MGB tail light fixtures: 40 a pair

3. OEM 1968-69 MG Midget steering wheel: 105

4. New convertible top latches - 1971 and up: 100 a pair

5. Inner sill panel: 150

6. Front OEM chrome bumpers without overriders: 105

7. Front OEM chrome bumpers with overriders: 150

8. Rear OEM chrome bumpers without overriders: 140

9. Rear OEM chrome bumpers with overriders: 185

10. Gas caps: NLA but we have a few good used: 25

11. Trunk stay rod: 20

12. Bonnet safety catch: 15

13. Hood hinge: 20

14. 1970-80 MGB tail light fixture: 50

15. 1970-80 tail light: 50

16. Rubber bumper MGB rear view mirror: 75

17. Battery access cover for rubber bumper MGB: 50

18: Horn: 20

19. Radiator support panel: 50

20. Engine steady rod (early and late): 100

21. Door hinge: 25

22. Door mechanism (side of door): 20

23. Door striker plate: 15


            1. 1962-67 MGB NOS aftermarket polished wood gearshift knob: 30.

    2. Damaged 1962-67 aftermarket polished wood gearshift knob: 10

3. Fiberglass remote shifter cover for installing a late model 4 synchro overdrive into an early MGB: 99

4. Spridget rib cage gearbox, inspected for rust: $350

5. Gearshift lever for nonoverdrive 4 synchro gearboxes: 20

Engine and Carbs:

1. Phenolic blocks for HS4 carbs and HiF4 carbs:  $25 a pair.

2. Early MGB water pump:  $30

3. Uprated Moss Motors Tappet Set, part number 460-604, hardness tested with lube. These tappets were tested by Crane Cams for hardness, then inspected by Crane Cams afterwards for quality (they rejected approximately 20%). Moss sells this set for $250. Ours is $169.

4. Moss Motors short Tappet Set, AE (Rover):  $40

5. Vandervell trimetal rod bearings x 2, .020:  $120

6. Vandervell trimetal main bearings, standard:  $120

7. Glacier/Vandervell trimetal rod bearings, 0.20:  $80

8. Vandervell thrust washers, 0.10 oversize:  $30

9. Used ANSA exhaust system for rubber bumper MGB: no longer made or sold: $350

10. Set of Carillo rods, 623 street miles on them. $750

11. Individual SU HS4 carburetor: $65

12. Package of one SU HS4 choke linkage and one SU HS4 throttle linkage: $45

13. Weber carburetors for MGB with manifold: $250

14. Harley Weber carburetor with MGB manifold: $200

15. Weber carburetor without manifold: $150

16: Early MGB intake manifold: 60 With vacuum port: $80

17. HiF4 MGB intake manifold with vacuum port:  $80

18. NOS early MGB washer pumps that actually fit:  $20

19. MGTC patent plate:  $30

20. Metal hose between HiF4 carbs with fitting:  $30

21. King bimetal rod bearings, standard:  $20

22. Late MGB thermostat housing:  $20

23. Moss Motors conversion spigot bushing, 330-570, 25% discount from Moss list at  $30

24. Used but uncracked heat shield for SU carburetors: $35

25. Valve cover:  $20

26. Valve cover for Spridget:  $20

27. Air filter canister for 1974-75 MGB with dual carburetors: $50

28. Dipstick for 18V engine: $20

29. Plastic fan for 18V engine: $50

30. Original, cast iron exhaust manifold for dual SU MGBs with all studs intact: $100

31. Standard sized shallow dish pistons, new, mounted on connecting rods at one point but never installed inside engine, with rings installed: $150

32. Quinton Hazel 1964-71 water pump: $25

33. One set of SU HiF4 carburetors with steel tubing, phenolic blocks, and intake manifold: For rebuild: $200


1. Rebuilt 3.9 differential for MGA conversion: $900

2. 1967 MGB driveshaft - original to the car. $50

Electrical and Dashboard:

1. 1972-76 Horn Button with horn brush: $35

2. 45DM4 distributor: $40

3. 25D distributor: $40

4. One license plate light for a rubber bumper MGB: $10

5. Seat belt seat sensors - $10 each

6. The unobtainable 1962-67 MGB Wiper Motor: $100

7. AM Radio, labeled "British Motor Corporation," one push button cracked: $70

8. Moss Relay Switch 26RA, 50% discount from Moss retail: $10

9. Used heater motor with fan: $50

10. Air injection rail (pollution control): $35

11. Lucas Voltage Regulator RB 340: $100


1. 1968-1975 MGB tachometer: $70

2. 1968-75 MGB speedometer: $70

3. 1968-75 Temperature gauge: $50

4. 1968-75 Fuel gauge: $50

5. Gauge Chrome bezels (replacement): $15 each

Wheels & Suspension:

1. 1 set MGB Limited Edition wheels with lug nuts and center medallions: 650

2. 1 set MGB Limited Edition wheels without lug nuts xsvc(which are available from Sports Car Parts in Rockland, Tennessee) or center medallions: 400

3. OEM MGB jack: 90

4. Rubber bumper MGB wire wheel trunk hold down: 20

5. Octagon wire wheel nut wrench: 5

6. Pair of rebuilt swivel axles with king pins, no top trunnion: 160

7. Pair of bare king pins: 40

8. Entire MGB front suspension, rebuilt with new swivel axles and kingpins, brake calipers, and springs: $250

Other interior/exterior:

1. Rear convertible top bar: 20

2. 1968-76 shifter ring, grommet, and leather boot: 20

3. Chrome bumper MGB license plate backing: 20

4. Bonnet prop rod: 20

5. Heat spring loaded doors (NLA): 50

6. Front turn signal light and lens: 30

7. Side lights: 25

8. Pair of reverse lamps with lens, date code 1970: $25 for the pair

9. Pipe from gas tank to outside of car: $25

10. Pair of working chrome door handles for 1965-80 MGB: $100

12. Pair of new jack hole fixtures for MGB undercarriage: $30

12. MGB steering knuckle with recent U Joint: $35

13. Gearbox cover for 3 syncho gearbox: $35

14. Rubber bumper MGB license plate backer: $35

15. Pair of door mirrors: $100


1. Pair of window winders for a rubber bumper MGB: $10

2. Pair of tonneau bar brackets for a rubber bumper MGB: $10

3. Pair of tonneau bar/stowaway top brackets for a chrome bumper MGB: $20

4. Pair of interior door handle retainers, 1970-80: $20

5. Air conditioning system (dealer install) for an MGB: includes brackets, cabin box, cabin hardware, and compressor: $500

6. OEM 1962-73 MGB Interior light with glass lens and gasket: $30

7. Seat belt seat sensors: $10 each

8. Pair of 1972-80 MGB window winders: $10

9. Finishing rings for headrests on Moss interiors: $20

10. Pair of door windows for an MGB:                           $50 plus professional packing

11. Pair of door window tracks: $30

12. Used header rail: 80. Powder coated: $100

13. NOS AMCO shift knob; medallion is a black MG on a white background: $20

14. 4 MGTD hubcap center medallions: $100

15. Shift gaiter with black trim ring -1968 on: $15

Switches, Stalks, Jewels, & Pumps:

1. Early MGB windshield washing fluid pump: $20

2. Wiper stalk: $60

3. Turn signal stalk: $60

4. Brake light switch, screws into pedal box housing, unobtainable: $125

5. 1970 only fan switch: $45

MGA Parts:

1. Gearbox front cover plate from a 1965-67 MGB with 18GB engine and 3 synchro gearbox. This cover plate is needed when fitting an MGB clutch to an MGA gearbox. $75

2. Good used dashboard for a MGA Deluxe, Twin Cam, or 1600 MKII: $400

3. Rebuilt 3.9 Differential from an early MGB for transplant into an MGB: $900

4. One pair MGA tail lights with light fixture: $100

MG Books:

1. University Motors Ltd. Technical Booklet for the 1993 Technical Seminars: $90

2. MGB Owner's Manual for 1973, appropriately waterlogged: $20

3. Great Marques: M.G. By Chris Harvey: $15

4. MGB: The Complete Story by Brian Laban: $15

5. The MGA, MGB, and MGC: A Collector's Guide by Graham Robson: $10

6. Practical Classics on MGB Restoration: $10

7. BMC and Leyland B Series Engine Data by Lindsay Porter: $75.

8. MGB Owner's Manual for 1973, appropriately waterlogged: $20

Tools For Those Who Work On         T Series MGs:

1. Very nice set of vintage Snap On Whitworth Combination Wrenches: $249

2. Very nice set of vintage Blue Point Supreme open ended Whitworth wrenches: $299

FOR SALE: Rostyle wheels (4) from a 1979 MGB

FOR SALE:  Rostyle wheels (4) from a 1979 MGB

Wheels are in very good condition and include valve stems, trim rings and center caps.  As you will see from the pictures, there is some pitting around the center caps on each wheel.  We can arrange for your personal inspection at almost any time.  Buyer will pay shipping or I can assist with delivery in the NW metro Atlanta area.  $200 for the set.

Gary French at 617-459-1889 (phone or text) or glfrench51@gmail.com

MG TD Large Quantity of Parts For Sale

I have recently sold my MG TD after owning it for more than 45 years.  I have a very large collection

of spare parts, both used and new that I would like to see go to good use. The list is quite long, but I

would happy send it out to anyone interested. All reasonable offers accepted. 

Marty Shane   alis4@yahoo.com

For Sale - '76 MGB - $15,500

1959 MGA Roadster 1500 - $22,000 OBO

For Sale - 1960 MGA Roadster - $21,500 OBO

1951 MG-TD - $16,500

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