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September 15-18, 2022

Car Show Award Winners

Place Name Year Car Place Name Year Car
Mini Cooper MGA Coupe
1st Gary Whiting 77 Mini Estate 1st Dave Terhune 57 MGA Coupe
MG-TD Sprite/Midget
1st Todd Garry 51 MG-TD 1st Wayne Telman 61 AH Bugeye Sprite
2nd Bruce Austin 53 MG-TD 2nd Edward Holden 70 MG Midget
3rd Jay Franklin 51 MG-TD 3rd Jeffrey Sigrist 76 MG Midget
MG Other MGC
1st Reinout Vogt 31 MG M-Type 1st Carole Looft 68 MGC
Triumph Combined Austin Healey
1st Gene Clennon 63 Triumph Herald 1st Bill Richey 62 AH 3000 MkII
2nd William Pickens 63 AH 3000 BJ7
Triumph TR3
1st David Appleby 61 Triumph TR3A Britannia
1st Ted Stewart 67 Sunbeam Imp
Triumph TR4 2nd Keith Armour 64 Morgan
1st Jeffrey Brooks 63 Triumph TR4
MGB-GT Rubber
British Modified 1st Gilbert DuPre 75 MGB-GT
1st Mike Cook 79 MGB 
2nd Ralph Ratta 80 MGB  MGB-GT Chrome
3rd Russell Pierce 64 Spitfire Race Car 1st John Colwell 66 MGB-GT
2nd Abe Cheij 71 MGB-GT
Jaguar Combined 3rd Dan Bosso 69 MGB-GT
1st Dave Peck 69 Jag E-type
MGB-74 1/2-79
Triumph TR6 1st Rick Watts 75 MGB
1st Ronnie Babbitt 74 Triumph TR6 2nd Tim Merrill 77 MGB
2nd Jeff Roundtree 73 Triumph TR6 3rd Tom Nadelhoffer 79 MGB
3rd Phil Robertson 71 Triumph TR6 4th Ronald Platt 76 MGB
4th James Paullin 72 Triumph TR6
MGB 1980
Triumph Spitfire 1st Steve Phillips 80 MGB
1st John Preston 68 Triumph Spitfire 2nd Nigel Keen 80 MGB
3rd Gene Cooper 80 MGB LE
Morris 4th Rand Meyer 80 MGB
1st Zach Merrill 55 Morris Minor Traveller
MGB 70-74
Modern MGs 1st Ian Massey 72 MGB
1st Terry McClain 93 MG-RV8 2nd Nigel Hoffmann 74 MGB
3rd Judson Chapin 72 MGB
MGA 56-59 4th John Brockman 73 MGB
1st Mark McCarraher 59 MGA 5th Paul Flexner 70 MGB
2nd Mark Ahlstrom 58 MGA
3rd Patricia Towers 59 MGA MGB 62-69
4th Steve Miles 59 MGA 1st Marty Shane 64 MGB
2nd Brian Crabtree 69 MGB
MGA 60-61 3rd Linton Atkinson 68 MGB
1st Greg Poffenbarger 60 MGA 1600 4th AvivA Hoffmann 63 MGB
2nd Oliver Hoffmann 60 MGA 1600 5th Mark Hitchcock 69 MGB
3rd Jim Brown 61 MGA
Best in Show
MGA 1600 MkII Zach Merrill
1st Jay Franklin 62 MGA 1600 MkII 55 Morris Minor Traveller
2nd Phillip Robertson 58 MGA 1600 MkII
3rd Melon Doris 62 MGA 1600 MkII

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Friday Drives


Big Dreams


2022 Photos and videos courtesy of Gary Whiting

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